App Academy Lessons

The application process finally ended last Friday. I had a final live test with the Founder, Kush Patel, and had a chance to talk about his bootcamp after. The program does not offer free tuition for international students and there are no guarantees for a VISA. Kush even went as far as saying that international developers have a tough time getting one. 

Kush did tell me give me some helpful information. He let me know that there are bootcamps all over NA and each offer a different experience for developers at different skill levels. They all have different prep courses and admission requirements. Kush also let me know that when I did plan on going to the states having some training in web analytics would help. 

After this conversation I came up with a cool idea. I’m going to apply to every school and outline the pros and cons of each one. 


App Academy

App Academy is an immersive web development and job placement program in San Francisco and New York City.

You only pay us if you find a job as a developer after the program.

98% of our graduates have offers or are working in tech jobs. In SF, graduates receive an average salary of $100,000; in NY, graduates receive an average salary of $84,000.


This isn’t entirely true. For international students the price tag is $13,000. I found this out at the end of the application process. 

I’m a Hack Developer

Many people don’t realize what the word hacker means.  I pretty sure the definition refers to someone who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data ie a cybercriminal, member of Anonymous, keylogger, pirate….etc. I don’t think this word should be used with so much negativity. 

I consider a hacker someone who is able to take different web technologies and put them together to make a very functional and cool looking website. In the fast paced world on tech why would you code every website from scratch when grabbing that code off the web is much easier and takes alot less time. 

I guess that’s why I love Bootstrap. Now I don’t have to worry about cross-browser compatibility and only have to focus on what I need to build. Life is too short to worry about the small stuff. 

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

 – Isaac Newton

I’ve heard good programmers are lazy so don’t build anything from scratch. If your looking for a certain slideshow or element effect chances are it already exists on the web so find that code through Google. 


A very cool platform that helps with employee engagement. I think they are solving a critical problem – what motivates as employee and understanding loyalty within an organization. I think employee retention is a huge problem. Also, having data on employees could be helpful. 

Techvibes Tech Fest: Toronto

This was an awesome night. There’s so much energy in the tech scene right now. I saw some awesome pitches and had more then a few laughs.

I have to give a huge high to Anson next time I see him. He pitched for Top Hat. I had the opportunity to work (and have a few drinks) with him and he didn’t strike me as the type of guy with a really solid pitch. I was wrong. 

Andrew’s Bionym pitch. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with Andrew at Top Hat. He used to give these crazy speeches while he worked there and certainly did not disappoint last night. This guy knows how to motivate people … and throw a party. 

I blogged about Satish in one of my earlier posts on Shopify. It’s crazy how much things change in 2 years. Satish is obviously killing it and delivered a pretty aggressive speech and even swore a couple times. It makes sense – both he and Shopify are killing it. 

The last pitch I’ll talk about is the guy from Achievers. This was the best speech of the night. it was funny, inspirational, etc. but mostly is was authentic. I had a long talk with a developer on the achiever’s platform and it looked really cool. I’m thinking about interviewing with them. Their website looks awesome.