Take Your Pick

Take Your Pick

Here’s something I whipped up the last couple of days. This is made up of three pages – make picks, location and profile page. The picks page using drag and drop HTML5 so you can pick a winner. When you choose a team some audio of fans cheering plays which I thought was pretty funny. There is also a form that lets you choose three players. Press update picks and this data is stored locally. You can view the picks by clicking on the view picks button which takes you to the profile page. 

The profile page is a dashboard showing various leaderboard and picks. i added some SVG and canvas elements for effect. 

The map page is used with Mapbox. I’m still getting used to the API but right now I have geolocation set up so the user can see their position on the map. When a user clicks of a pin information on that pin appears. I added some JS to the buttons on the left hand side. When you click on the buttons the corresponding sports games appear. After added overflow to this section you can scroll through the options. 

The idea behind this is that I’d like to see what bars are playing what games at any given time. Why doesn’t that exist yet?!


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