Forbes – Self-Made Developer

A few educational resources I’ve used to learn how to code:

 – Team Treehouse

 – Codecademy

 – St. Lawrence Website Design and Development Certificate

 – Ryerson Website Design and Development Certificate

– One Month Rails

– App Academy pre course

– Google




Developer, Programmer or Computer Scientist?

After reading each I find the description of the developer to be most interesting. “They are consummate generalists without any truly deep specializations.” This is interesting. I always wonder what my title will be one day – UX/UI designer, web developer, full-stack front-end, back-end, growth hacker, etc. Should I specialize in one area of web development or become a jack of all trades? Which direction would be more fulfilling and which, more lucrative?

I enjoy web development in different ways. While I enjoy creating a front-end design I also like to back-end coding as well. The back-end work reminds of solving Math problems at Queens. Ultimately I hope I’m on a cool dev team one day – process and team dynamics are my bread and butter skills.