App Academy Lessons

The application process finally ended last Friday. I had a final live test with the Founder, Kush Patel, and had a chance to talk about his bootcamp after. The program does not offer free tuition for international students and there are no guarantees for a VISA. Kush even went as far as saying that international developers have a tough time getting one. 

Kush did tell me give me some helpful information. He let me know that there are bootcamps all over NA and each offer a different experience for developers at different skill levels. They all have different prep courses and admission requirements. Kush also let me know that when I did plan on going to the states having some training in web analytics would help. 

After this conversation I came up with a cool idea. I’m going to apply to every school and outline the pros and cons of each one. 


Project Euler

This is a great resource for any developer looking to improve their skills. I have my final App Academy test tomorrow working through the problems helps me prepare. 

The Self-Made Developer

When I went back home to learn how to code I had no idea what to do. Considering all options can be overwhelming but I knew I had to move back to Kingston and get some sort of formal recognition for the learning I was about to do. Queens was out of the question, even though I did my undergrad there, because a 4-year Computer Science degree would be too big an investment. I choose the website design and development course at St. Lawrence College. It was cheap and completely online. 

At St. Lawrence I learned everything from hardcore procedural languages like Java and C to outdated programs like Flash and Dreamweaver. This seemed like wasted time but the program also offered classes in HTML, CSS and web usability. I was forced to work on projects which helped me start to build static websites. 

With this certificate I used a couple transfer classes and decided to do the same program at Ryerson. This program offered in personal traditional lectures with some project-based learning. The classes were conveniently offered at night so that I could support myself with a full time job during the day. Here I learned JavaScript and HTML5 API and started to work build dynamic websites. 

Now I’m looking to take the next step and looking at various Bootcamps. You learn code but writing code. Typically this requires you working on a specific project. With so many bootcamps finding the right one can be tricking and I’m researching which looks best.